Our Center

Our Childcare Center is safe, clean and attractive. The classrooms are child-sized and filled with developmentally-appropriate materials. A wide range of equipment enhances our spectacular well-supervised playground, and the covered play area is perfect for our rainy Northwest days.

Playground Information

Children who attend Countryside Montessori are on the playground three times a day: before class; around lunch time; and after class (or nap). We believe that the playground is important for several reasons. The most obvious is an opportunity to run, jump, climb and shout.

We take children outside no matter what the weather. Actually, it is very healthy for children to be outside. The cold, damp air is good for children, especially those with breathing difficulties. Exposure to the sun produces Vitamin D, which releases Serotonin, a feel good body chemical. The fresh air and exercise also help children focus when they come in to work. All the children should have extra clothing to change into if they get wet outside.

The social interactions outside are much different than indoor too. The more aggressive personalities have an opportunity to climb and run with others who enjoy more physical play. We don't discourage this kind of play unless a child who is not a willing participant gets caught in the middle. Physical playing children do get bumps and bruises however. Like all Montessori activities, participation is a choice and all is monitored.

The Children Love the Gardens

In addition to classroom activities, children have opportunities to cultivate a garden and help care for the center's indoor and outdoor pets. We currently have rabbits outside and an aquarium in the Primary classroom. To reduce potential health risks, we ask everyone to wash their hands after enjoying the animals.


We believe that children need fresh air and exercise. Outdoor play is scheduled daily. We have excellent covered play areas so the children may play outside on rainy days. Dress for the weather and send your child in shoes they can wear for running.

Scheduling Information

For your convience Countryside Montessori is open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., five days a week, on a year round basis, except for scheduled holidays. All classes meet Monday through Friday.

Early Preschool classes meet 9:00-11:30. Preschool, Pre-k, & Primary classes meet 9:00 - 3:30. Those children who nap will rest between 1:00 and 3:00.

Please arrive before the 9:00 instruction time, Child care before and after class allows for relaxed play with educational toys and ample play.