The Goals We Believe In

  1. Love - To provide a loving and relaxed environment where children's physical and emotional needs are met.
  2. Respect For People - To establish an atmosphere of respect for others and self.
  3. Respect for Environment - To establish respect for the equipment and materials.
  4. Self Control -To help the children develop self-control and a clear understanding of the expectations in this environment.
  5. Routine - To provide a routine that would foster stability and consistency.
  6. Constructive Play - To provide an environment where children will develop an enthusiasm for learning, exploring and creativity through the use of constructive play activities.
  7. Active Play - To provide ample opportunity to develop coordination through physically active play.
  8. Safe Environment - To establish a safe environment, both inside and out.
  9. Observation - To establish an observation system in which notes on children are kept.
  10. Support Parents - To be supportive of parents, encouraging involvement, encouraging open and honest communication while using tact and discretion.
  11. Develop Staff - To develop staff potential, improve their abilities, and to utilize staff input.
  12. Foster independence - To provide an opportunity to become independent and responsible through self directed and individualized activities.
  13. Promote Problem Solving - To provide the children with appropriate alternatives to solve their own problems.
  14. Group Dynamics - To learn to participate and function well in a group.