The Infant Class accepts 6 children from 3 months of age until they are walking around 1 year of age.

The classroom is setup with 2 nap rows of cribs & futons. A small kitchen area and a larger carpeted area with lots of toys. There is a loft so very young children can play without fear of being climbed on by crawling children.

Some activities are in baskets for children to cruise by while they are learning to stand and the teachers constantly talk to the children.

Each child's individual schedule is posted on the white wipe off board. The staff and parents "follow the child" as he/she develops throughout the year.

Cuddle-time & bottle feeding parents enjoy visiting any day to nurse or just cuddle with their little one.

It's so nice to be able to safely leave your infant with caring, loving, educated, and experienced people. The teachers talk with you daily and send home helpful development tips to guide you through raising your infant.