Mobile Infants

8 Months to 18 Months

6 children attend the Mobile Infant Classroom, where the children get steady on their feet and transition from 2 naps a day to 1 nap in the afternoon; and from bottles to eating with spoons and finger foods and drinking from a cup.

The children are mobile and moving all the time. Climbing, cruising around shelves and tables, yet still need to be held and comforted by caring adults. The activities are explored as much with mouths as they are with hands, and vigilant care is needed to keep materials clean and rotated.

Adjustments are constantly made as the children begin to follow a schedule with regular eating times, diaper times, indoor and outdoor play times, nap and circle times.

Parents love the padded covered outdoor play areas, the safe carpeted inside play area with a soft climber, as well as a kitchen & messy play area & separate well organized diaper changing area.

It's nice to know your mobile infant is in a safe place designed to cater to your child's needs at this busy stage in his/her life.

The Mobile Infant teachers are experienced, kind & really love those little guys.