The Pre-K class is a traditional Montessori class, serving 20 children ages 4-5.

Activity centers are arranged throughout the class with bulletin boards labeled so you can easily see what your child is learning about. Monthly lesson plans also help you know what lessons are presented each day.

The curriculum is set out on the shelves for children to freely choose their own work. Enrichment areas like science, geography, life science, & practical life are rotated monthly.

The children enjoy before and after school play with inside daycare activities and outside playtime. The class starts at 9:00 and ends at 3:30 There are 4 circle times. Morning class time, a 45 minute rest time after lunch and 2 snacks.

Parents are delighted to have their children come to Pre-K because they see the children's love of learning take shape. They begin to sound out & read words, they count to 100 or beyond, they sing and have to learn coordination to catch balls and play games.

Children in Pre-K are really developing and using their social skills. They solve problems using the peace table, and learn to be respectful and kind.