2 1/2 to 4 1/2 years

The Preschool class serves 18 children ages 2-4 (a 3year span). These children are potty trained but still may need a reminder. They are ready & eager to learn. They can take verbal direction.

The preschool class is a big step for many children because more is expected of them, now that they can talk.

The carefully chosen Montessori activities are placed on low shelves throughout the classroom so children can easily choose their work. Large display areas are available for their artwork.

The preschool class starts at 9 and ends at 3:30. Children take a nap after lunch. There are 2 snacks. Morning and afternoon. Daycare allows the children to play with daycare activities both before and after.

Parents love to send their children to preschool because children are becoming responsible for their own things. Coats, blankets, (changing, as needed) etc. The children feel good about being self reliant and independent. It is at this age that they begin to really foster the ability to care for themselves.

Our preschool teachers are great at guiding their growth. They are experienced & loving They understand the sensitive nature of these little children & really foster self confidence in them.