The Primary class is a Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade class. We are certified by the Office of State Public Instruction (OSPI), for children ages 4 to 7.

The children in the Primary class work at their own academic level. We have educational materials that allow the children to be exceptionally prepared for their next school experience.

Because children from Montessori school's traditionally have worked in an environment where they are "free to choose their own work" throughout the course of the day, we have designed the Primary class to be a transitional class that prepares the children to be ready to adjust to a more traditional approach to learning. We have done this because Montessori children need to learn to do assignments and complete work that the teacher has asked them to do, rather than only what they choose to do.

The skill card requires the children to do an assignment, followed by reading, math and penmanship work every day before doing their own work.

When we interviewed the principals of feeder schools, where our children go when they leave here, we discovered that the children did much better. (They didn't say to the teacher, "You go on to the math class, I'll catch up with you later when I finish this chapter." As you can imagine, this is hard for most teacher's to handle.)

We really encourage all parents to keep their children at Countryside through Primary. Those children who stay, really have the chance to solidify all the skills we have been teaching them and learn how to succeed anywhere.

If you are considering Kindergarten or 1st grade at Countryside and have questions about your choice, please set up a time to talk to either the Primary teachers.