Summer Program

We are open all Summer, and have a Summer Program for the children at Countryside. The Summer Program is consistent with the regular school year curriculum but instead of taking field trips we invite local entertainers to perform for your children every Thursday or Friday during the summer months. Our events are held at 9:30am. We include children in the toddler building, if the event is age appropriate.

Some of our past guest entertainers include:

  • Puppets Please (Marionettes)
  • Better Bouncer (Jumper)
  • Dave Hoffman (Singer)
  • Don Ehlan (Insect Man)
  • Alley Oop
  • Scott Peterson (Reptile Man)
  • Tickle Tune Typhoon
  • The Bubbleman
  • Jolene (The Balloon Lady)
  • Louie Fox (Magician)
  • Eagle Bear (American Indian Dances)