Parent Testimonials

The majority of people choosing our school as the place to have their children do so through the recommendations of satisfied parents.

"My family had a very positive experience with Countryside.
Both indoor and outdoor environments are attractive. We sent our two boys there at age 4 and 2.5. Both of them had separation anxiety at that time, yet they instantly fell in love with the school the first day. The outdoor has a big gardening area, sand box, bunny cage, a covered area and a big open space for them to run, kick balls, etc. The indoor space is well organized and has a lot of activities for kids to do. It is very unique and my two kids were never bored there.

The staffs are very kind, loving and resourceful and they are with the school a long time. I guess they love the school so much that they stay there once they got in. This makes a huge difference to kids. We sent our first boy to a different daycare since there was no spot when he was 3. The teacher turn over rate was very high at that daycare and my boy hated it. Once he got into this school, he had a blast and we often need to drag him home when we picked him up.

The curriculum is definitely great. My first boy is in 4th grade now and he excels at almost all subjects. Learning is always very enjoyable to him. I attribute his love of learning and solid foundation to his positive experience at this school. Both of my boys were exposed to some materials above their grade level. The learning is at each child's own pace and they progress naturally to the next level.

I've recommended this school to couple of families and will recommend this to others without hesitation. As a side note, we live in Redmond and work in Redmond, but still decided to send our kids to this school in Kirkland since we like this school very much." ~ Mei

"Countryside Montessori has been an incredible experience for my five year old son and for us. My son is looking forward to go to school every day. He is happy and he is learning a lot! He is enjoying this experience. His teachers are amazing and my husband and I couldn't be happier with them. They are always available; they really know our son and dedicate their time to him. The school in general has a personalized attention for each child. As parents, teachers keep us informed of our son’s challenges and successes. We feel part of a team in our son’s education. I recommend this school to everyone we meet. We just wish that they would extend the program to grade 12!" ~ The Alor Family

"Our oldest girl is well above her 1st grade class level after graduating from countryside this past year. She learned so much while she was there and had a seamless transition to elementary school. We can see the same growth in our youngest and have recommended your school to all who have asked. Thank you to all the teachers that have shaped our kids. (And our two nephews!)" ~ Tom Penney

"The Countryside Montessori school is a great place for childcare and early education. Our son really enjoys there. Every staff is so friendly and patient, and teaches rules, disciplines and mutual respect in a loving environment. The school offers a wide range of educational tools and learning activities our son really likes and he has learned a lot from this great environment." ~ Anonymous

"We have been a part of the Countryside family since 2005, starting in the infant room with our son who is now 5. The combination of nurturing care and the unique learning environment that is characteristic of Montessori programs has been an amazing experience for us. The students at Countryside are always provided with the opportunity to learn and grow, but most importantly, the parents are committed to the success and happiness of their children. We would recommend this school to anyone and we thank the teachers and administrators of Countryside for all they do." -Scott and Linda

"I wanted to take this time to thank the entire team at Countryside for providing a wonderful, safe and educational place for my daughter to learn. The team of teachers yet diverse and very different in their teaching styles each bring a special element to the educational journey that has made an impression on Addison in many positive ways. I am grateful that the administrators are also very compassionate and have an open door policy that will drop what their doing to listen to parents needs. Thank you for the hard work you all put into assisting us parents in raising productive and exceptional adults for the future." ~ Tracey & Adam

"Both of our children have been at Countryside since they were infants. The care and curriculum are top-notch. The staff are attentive and caring. All of them are true partners in developing and enriching each child. My kids really enjoy going to school each day and always return with something to share with us at home." ~ Bryanne

"Countryside Montessori is a wonderful place for my twin girls. My girls really love to be with the teachers and friends.The staffs are truly caring for the kids and they teach the kids knowledge with fun things. I would recommend this Montessori to my friends." ~ Jun & Hui

"My child has been attending Countryside for just a couple of months but during this time has grown in leaps and bounds. He has learned how to write his name perfectly, sound out words, and has really enjoyed the diverse group of friends he has met. We are so proud of him and are confident he will continue to love going to school and learning, and that was our main goal choosing Countryside!" ~ Ryan & Ryean-Marie

Testimonials from Children

"I really love Julie and Jane a lot a lot. Chris is super cool." ~ Grant

"I love Countryside Montessori because the teachers teach me lots of stuff and I have lots of friends." ~ Brydon

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