12 Months to 30 Months

The toddler class is setup to care for 8 12-18 month children. These children are steady on their feet and ready to climb stairs, sit on circle and do their work.

The classroom has activities in bins & baskets throughout the room, color coded to help keep things organized.

Children are learning to find their work & put it away. This is carefully guided by the teachers because Toddlers have such short attention spans.

The schedule is written down but often runs late because each activity can take longer than expected. i.e. After each diaper change children wash their own hands, children find their own coats, & learn to put them on. This may take several minutes or longer. But each activity at least happens in a sequence of order, if not by clock work.

Parents like the toddler room because it is fun and the teachers are light hearted. They really love to hear about the antics of their busy toddler.